Privacy protection

We, Columbus-Cargo, Intern. Speditions GmbH, take the protection of your personal data very seriously and pay attention to the regulations of data privacy strictly. Personal data will only be collected in technical essential scales. In no cases collected data will be sold or due to other reasons imparted to third parties.

The following declaration gives an overview, how we assure this protection and what type of data for which purpose is collected.

Data processing on this site

Columbus-Cargo, Intern. Speditions GmbH collects and saves informations in their Server Log Files automatically, which your browser forwards to us. These are:

  • browsertype/ -version
  • used software system
  • Referrer URL (last visited site)
  • IP Adresse
  • time of server request

This data cannot be classified to any particular persons through Columbus-Cargo, Intern. Speditions GmbH. A consolidation of these dates with other data sources will not be conducted. Besides data will be deleted after a statistical evaluation.


If you want to receive the newsletter, which is offered on this site, we need a valid email-address as well as informations, which allow us the examination that you are the bearer of the email-address indicated respectively whose bearer agrees the receipt of the newsletter.

You can cancel your agreement for saving the data, the email-address as well as whose using for the transmission of the newsletter at any time.

Safety of your personal data

Columbus-Cargo, Intern. Speditions GmbH saves your data from unauthorised access, use or publication. Columbus-Cargo, Intern. Speditions GmbH takes care that your personal informations, which are saved on their server, are situated in a controlled and safe surrounding, in which illegal access and publication is prevented.

Transmission of your data

Columbus-Cargo, Intern. Speditions GmbH will not impart your personal data to third parties, except they are needed for the handling of business courses. Imparted data are limited to the required minimum.

As Columbus-Cargo, Intern. Speditions GmbH will be obliged due to law or via judicial decree, your data will only be imparted to entitled governmental institutions and public authorities.

Changing of data privacy measures

Columbus-Cargo, Intern. Speditions GmbH reserves the right to change these safety- and data privacy measures, as long as this is necessary through technical development. In these cases we will adapt also our indications to data privacy. Therefore please consider the updated version of our privacy statement.


Persons under the age of 18 should not transmit personal data without the agreement of his parents or a legal guardian. We do not request personal data of children and young people, do not collect them or transmit these to third parties.


Web pages use cookies at several positions. They serve the purpose of making our offer more user-friendly, effective and safe. Cookies are small text files, which are discarded on your computer and saved by your browser. Most of the cookies used by us are so called "session-cookies". These will be deleted automatically after the end of your visit. Cookies do not cause any damage on your computer and do not contain viruses.

Right to be informed

You have the right of the information concerning your saved personal data, whose origin and recipient and the reason of the data processing. You can require advice about your saved data under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Further informations

Your confidence is important to us. Due to this we want to answer your questions relating to the handling of your personal data at any time. If you have questions, which could not be answered through this data privacy statement, or you wish to get deepen informations in any points, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .